Environmental Assessment, Data Visualization & Interactive Design

Irene Cuerda

irene_cuerdaIrene Cuerda is an Architect from the School of Architecture (ETSAM) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid She is currently developing her Ph.D thesis in the the research group Bioclimatic Architecture in a sustainable environment (ABIO) where she works since September 2008.  Her line of research is sustainability assessment and life cycle assessment (LCA) in the Department of Construction and Architectural Technology of ETSAM.

Previously she worked in several architecture studios, conducting contests and building projects. She has also worked as freelance, as specialist in environmental impact of buildings and bioclimatic architecture.

Sergio Galán

sergio_galanSergio Galán is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Universidad Carlos III (Madrid), with a Master Degree on Interaction Design from the University of Malmoe (Sweden). He actually works as Digital Designer.

He has embraced eclecticism and ongoing research as a form of work, moving between fields such as software design, urban computing, physical computing or digital art. Within these fields he develops projects related to environmental issues, cities and participation.

Beatriz Rivela

Beatriz_rivela Beatriz Rivela is a Chemical Engineer, but she has developed her Ph.D in the Department of Building and Architectural Technology of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She is currently accociate professor, researcher and consultant in the field of environmental assessment, with 12 years of experience in the application of the methodology of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to different processes and products.

Currently, her research is primarily aimed at construction industry: methodological development, related tools and application of LCA to different areas of research: a comparative analysis of constructive solutions, visualization as an strategy of communication and the creation of software for the design to integrate in the process the sustainability requirements.


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